Inspire Metz
Inspire Metz

Amphitheatre District

A showcase site
Vehicle for the economic dynamism of the Metz urban area
The area has an international visibility
to border countries like Germany and Luxembourg...
The functional mix (accommodation, shops and offices in one single place) ensures both the attractivity and the friendliness of the area.

Its connection, both to the TGV station and to the rest of the urban area thanks to "METTIS" (Public Transportation on Exclusive Lanes) stands for an additional asset. 

The Parc de la Seille, the Palais omnisport des Arènes and the Pompidou-Metz Center introduced in May 2010, provide nice living conditions to the users of this new neighborhood. 

The Muse shopping center, opened in November  21, 2017, contributes to this effervescence with its 110 brands spread over 37 000 m2 of sales area. 

The site, spreading over 38 hectares, includes 306 000 m2 of floor areas, divided as follows :

  • Public equipment : 32 000 m2
  • Offices/shops : 137 000 m2
  • Accommodation : 137 000 m2
The opening of the Metz Robert Schuman Convention Center in september 2018 marks a new turning point in the history of this attractive site  by completing the Metz offer regarding business tourism, and strenghtening the economic attractiveness of the city and its surroundings. 
Advantages of the site
  • In the heart of the urban area
  • Connected to the TGV rail station and served by METTIS
  • Urban mix : offices, housing, shops, hotels, Convention Center
  • Innovative architecture
  • International influence thanks to the presence of the Pompidou-Metz Center in the middle of the retail area.
  • Nicolas Michelin, international renowned architect, ensures the architectural coherence of the constructions in the retail area in respect of the environment where the notion of urban ecology takes on its full meaning : thermal inertia recourse, passive solar, revegetation of roofs, rainwater collection.
Located in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center MUSE, of the Pompidou-Metz Center and of the Convention Center, the 4* hotel project imagined by Philippe Starck, will be conceived as a "habitable, surreal and poetic work of art". 

The future 6 000 m2 building, with its monolithic and mono chromatic architecture, will make 110 rooms and suites available, and also two restaurants and a spa.  It will provide a 12-floor pedestal on which a villa typically from Metz will be built giving the chance to have a breathtaking view on the whole city.  

The Lorraine company Demathieu et Bard Immobilier has been selected for the construction and the promotion of this innovative "architectural object" that should be introduced in 2020. 


324 M€
of private investments
306 000
m2 of floor area
seatings for the Robert Schuman Convention Center
millions of visitors at the Pompidou-Metz Center since its opening
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