Inspire Metz
Inspire Metz

Frescaty Plateau

Former air base 128
a renewed area
Today known as the Frescaty Plateau,  the former Air Base 128 is now preparing for its renewal by welcoming companies and innovative projects. 

Located in an amazing natural setting, this site stands for both a strategic and exceptional place for Metz Métropole, in the heart of an important motorway junction, of the Metz urban area and close to the second largest shopping area in France: Actisud. 

Metz Métropole has officially been the owner of the Frescaty Plateau's rights of way since Summer 2015. 

One single location for 4 economic activities sites 
an area including mixed economic activities
Located in the Augny municipality, the business area «ex living quarters» is a former living area still including about twenty exploitable buildings in the short-term. On an area of about 25ha, the city project is planning to host economic activities (activities, offices and dwellings) as well as green spaces, all forming a pleasant living environment.

Metz Métropole is working to make quality improvements bringing a real added value to the area. Roads will be requalified, soft mobility integrated, rainwater issues handled and fiber optics and gas network connections  will be made. 

  • 25 hectares
  • 17,4 hectares of transferable lands
  • 48 000 m² of transferable built-up area
  • 20 built-up lots marketable
  • In the longer term, 10 marketable lots to be built up



business area,
shops and leisure activities
« The Frescaty Domain »
It is composed of two sites : the Moulins-Tournebride camp and the General Residence. Its main goal is to host economic projects, particularly commercial and leisure oriented. The General Residence, emblematic building, will be converted into an innovative gourmet restaurant including accommodation facilities. « The residence » and « The lodges of the residence ». The project takes its environment into consideration in order to reduce the impact on the landscaped area and to preserve the ecological balance. More than two thirds of this area are made of green space: woodlands, meadows, ponds. 

area dedicated to farming activities 
« Agrobiopole »
This geographical group, with 70 hectares of the Frescaty Plateau standing for the epicenter, is based on the large number of available uncultivated agricultural lands that Metz Métropole wants to mobilize in order to develop the local vegetable production. 

This development project plans to reinvest part of the area for the production, the processing and the valorization of local products. 

The agrobiopole will give the opportunity to discover innovative forms of agriculture (animal welfare, agroforestry, etc) thanks to educational spaces, but also to eat local products thanks to the promotion of short circuits. 



This specific section of the area is a social and solidarity center including different humanitarian structures of general interest active in the Moselle region: Espoir 57, the Red Cross, the Secours Populaire Français etc…

key figures

  • 7 hectares
  • 11 800 m2 of built-up area 

ASSETS of the location
  • 1 site spread over 3 municipalities : Augny, Marly and Moulins-Lès-Metz,
  • An amazing natural setting,
  • An ideal geographic location in the heart of a motorway junction,
  • Efficient connections to the gas and optic fiber networks for the former living area and the social and solidarity sections,
  • The immediate proximity with the shopping area Actisud, the second largest area in France. 


jobs at the end of 2017
hectares including 250 hectares of green spaces,
hectares currently under development corresponding to 4 priority areas
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