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27/12/2017 00h00

Frescaty Plateau : inauguration of the ESAT ESPOIR 57 in the social and solidarity center

Frescaty Plateau : inauguration of the ESAT ESPOIR 57 in the social and solidarity center
On Saturday, December 16, ESPOIR 57 inaugurated its new premises at 301 rue du Général Vansantberghe in Marly, in the social and solidary center of the Frescaty Plateau , with Messrs Thierry HORY, the Mayor of Marly and Jean-Luc BOHL, the President of Metz Metropole and Mayor of Montigny-lès-Metz, as well as many volunteers and workers.

From left to right : Mrs BOUR, President of ESPOIR 57, Messrs DOSDAT, Director of ESAT 57 and BOHL.

Association of law 1908, ESPOIR 57 has been created in 1992 by parents who were members of UNAFAM (National Union of families and friends of sick patients and / or psychologically disabled).
ESPOIR 57's main purpose is to create and manage structures avoiding hospitalization to address the problems of the people suffering from  mental illness. 
Financed by the ARS, the Directe and the Moselle County Council , ESPOIR 57 manages :
- ESPOIR 57, an ESAT including 60 workers supervised by 14 people (workshop supervisor and administrative staff),
- A Support Department for the Accommodation of Disabled Workers in Ordinary Environments  (SAHTHMO) along with a caseworker,
- A Department specialized in the Insertion in Ordinary Area  (To Employment) with 2 clinical psychologists working in the whole Moselle region,
- and sponsors 2 Support Groups (GEM) in Metz conducted by 2 caseworkers and welcoming each some fifty people. 
New premises
Following a fire that entirely destroyed the Novéant ESAT, the association opted for the purchase of a building and warehouses in Metz Metropole on the Frescaty Plateau (the former Air Base 128) in Marly, in front of an animated retail area. 
This establishment allowed a quick installation since the main building had been recently renovated. In addition, this building is easily accessible both for workers and the public thanks to the presence of a very close bus stop and enables to quickly connect to the cultivated lands in Vaux for the market gardening teams of the association. This new location gives the opportunity to open more to outside and create a greater connection with the public.

The solidarity and social center of the Frescaty Plateau also hosts the Secours Populaire and the Red Cross. 

This installation on the Frescaty Plateau enables to carry on the different activities of the ESPOIR 57 association in the best conditions: 
- Basketry workshop,
- Green spaces workshop,
- Market-gardening workshop,
- Cooking workshop.

After the inauguration, ESPOIR 57 decided to offer : guided tours around the services and workshops led by workers, employees and volunteers, as well as culinary tours with an open house day until 3 pm. 

Contact : / +33 3 87 52 04 66

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