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30/11/2017 00h00

Inauguration of the shopping mall

Inauguration of the shopping mall
On Tuesday November 21, 2017, the APSYS Group inaugurated "Muse", the new shopping mall, facing the Pompidou-Metz Center and the Convention Center, within walking distance from the Metz-Center TGV rail Station, in the heart of the Amphitheater District of Metz. 

Maurice BANSAY, President of the APSYS group, Richard LIOGER, Deputy of Moselle and Town Councillor, Dominique GROS, Mayor of Metz and President of the Inspire Metz Agency and Jean-Luc BOHL, President of Metz Métropole, 1st Vice President of the Great East Region, were present during the press conference in the morning before attending the official inauguration at 4:00pm.   


©Philippe Gisselbrecht / City of Metz
The press conference took part at the restaurant La Voile Blanche in the Pompidou-Metz Center, with the national and local press.
Jean-Luc BOHL thanked the APSYS group for its confidence and "this common will to support the territory... in the general interest" and added "I want Muse to galvanize even more the bsuiness side of our city and urban area".  
Dominique GROS reminded that this retail area primarily stands for a garden in the city... A city built on itself "thanks to the cultural part of the Pompidou-Metz Center... the business part carried by the Convention Center... a transport and housing hub..." Speaking to Maurice BANSAY : "here is a man who believes in Metz ... who bet on Metz !"

The Muse architect, Jean-Paul VIGUIER : "Some buildings are silent, others are not, and some even sing...  it's done to make the city better and to make people come back to the city center. This density results from an adequation... it is necessary to look for synergies, interactions... The city needs to show its interest in the diversity of writings". 
Maurice BANSAY, President of APSYS

Maurice BANSAY : "APSYS is a family business managing more than 1 million  m2 of retail spaces. Like Muse, it's about launching iconic operations that make life more beautiful... Muse is not only a shopping area... it's also an open and human operation with integrated small squares, a works of art course..."  The President of APSYS also said : "We are a complement to the city center, because we are the city center, it's a urban seam. 
The contribution of new brands, such as Primark (that will open in the spring), will give the opportunity to go beyond the catchment area, already very important and the entire downtown area will benefit from it".

© Gwen Lebras


Muse key figures and information :

  • a 160 million euros investment.
  • 7 to 8 million visitors a year expected. 
  • 115 outlets including 78 shops and 21 restaurants and gourmet breaks. 
  • 2/3 of new brands in Metz : Primark, Habitat (coming back to Metz), Uniqlo, Boulanger le comptoir, Hema, Superdry...
  • 9 pop-up stores.
  • a 90 mpremium lounge.
  • a 100m2 connected coworking space .
  • a playground "La Ré'Création" for budding artists !
  • a works of art course in resonance with the Pompidou-Metz Center.
  • a digital library.
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