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14/11/2017 00h00

Innovation Award Ceremony #InspireMetz

Innovation Award Ceremony #InspireMetz
In 2015, the European Metropolitan Center of the Sillon Lorrain, bearer of the LORnTECH file, has been certified  « Métropole French Tech ». Its ambition : to detect and support the development of the startups of the territory, based on four strategic objectives:
  • boost the emergence of new talents and the entrepreneurial culture,
  • increase the development of startups and innovative companies,
  • have an impact both on the national and international stages,
  • spead the LORnTECH dynamic and support companies in their digital transition
In this context, Metz Métropole is taking decisive action in the digital development of its territory, particularly through it totem building TCRM-Blida. The main purpose is to structure the support offered to startups, to organize regional events and to spread the digital culture to the SME/SMI of the territory. 
Supporting entrepreneurship by enhancing the assets of the territory is a major challenge for the urban area. It is then necessary to financially support the emerging ideas in order to strenghten  the project holders' desire to start a business and convince them of doing it on the territory. 
This way, Metz Métropole organized from September 31 to October 31, 2017 the “Innovation Award #Inspire Metz 2017”.
Introduced on the occcasion of the #GEN event, the Great East business and digital meeting, it was dedicated to companies with headquarters in Metz Métropole and created after January 1, 2014, or in the process of establishment.  

1 prize and 3 categories :
3 categories were proposed to candidates, and in each category, 3 scholarships have been granted  (6 000€ for the 1st prize, 3 000€ for the 2nd prize and 1 000€ for the 3rd prize) :
  • creative innovation award: idea based on the implementation of products and services integrating a know-how regarding art, culture or video games. 
  • technology innovation award : idea based on the implementation of a product mainly focused on a specific technology. 
  • social innovation award : idea based on the creation of a closed network of players sharing an access to services or data. 
the winners :
On Monday, November 6, the jury, composed of one representative of Metz Metropole, one from the CCI 57, one from the Inspire Metz Attractiveness agency and an expert in the evaluated category, have examined the 30 files submitted : 11 in the “technology innovation” category, 10 in the “creative innovation” category and 9 in the “social innovation” category.
They have taken into account the relevance of the idea and its economic potential.  

On this Friday, November 10, the winners received their awards during an official ceremony held at TCRM-Blida.  The winners in each category are :
  • 1st prize : Flowers – imagine your city as a flower. Evertyhing happening is a flower.  An event emerges and then fades. Then, imagine that you are able to make this event popular by collecting its pollen and by simply blowing on your phone to spread it wherever the wind blows it, and to make it visible by an ever-increasing number of people…
  • 2nd prize : Mamytwink – the “Mamyseo” project is a software used for the development of websites SEO optimisation-oriented. SEO tools are integrated in the heart of the software enabling you to automatize a large number of tasks to create quality sites at lower cost.
  • 3rd prize : Level up – the project consists in opening a bar/fast food restaurant with an e-sport and fantasy design. The clients will then have the opportunity to have a drink or eat while playing video games, board games or role-playing games, etc. The structure will also host tournaments and events.  
  • 1st prize : Vivoka - artificial intelligency (in the form of a raccoon), Zac by Vivoka is able to control all the connected objects of your house intuitively using voice commands, in order to optimize your comfort, security, energy consumption, etc.
  • 2nd prize : Two-I - design of tools to help better understand our environment in order to improve the life of citizens, based on the analysis of videos and pictures through algorithms and big data.
  • 3rd prize - my Xtramile : Xtramile uses artificial intelligency to optimize recruitment and employer brand.
  • 1st prize : My domus – first platform dedicated to the collection and exchange of information between owners and successive tenants of a property,  it allows to manage the entire rental transaction, to conduct handover inspections, dematerialization and signature of the tenancy agreement,etc. The platform more broadly aims at gathering information on properties by interfacing the different databases (Energy diagnosis from the ADEME, energy consumption date, etc)
  • 2nd prize : Linoo – this interpreting and translation platform specialized in the medico-social sector enables users to easily and quickly find translators and interpreters. Already more than a hundred interpreters and translators available in more than 45 languages.
  • 3rd prize : Runergy app' – Runergy is a service enabling runners to easily register for races around them, providing pictures and videos on a single platform.
Congratulations to all the winners !
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