The number of video games created during the “Game Jam” Event, on 5 & 6 September at TCRM-BLIDA.

To find out more, see the “Innovation Ecosystem” section below.


The number of Metz Métropole ambassadors who have already signed up alongside Metz Métropole to work together on cultural and environmental projects. These include local businesses, big companies, small and medium-sized business, micro-businesses, sole traders, retailers, endowment funds, etc. to find out more, see the “Innovation Ecosystem” section below.



The Metz Métropole Développement agency was represented at MAPIC (the retail property trade show) in Cannes (17 to 20 November 2015) on the stand shared by the 4 cities comprising the European Metropolitan Network of the Sillon Lorrain area.

It was an opportunity for the MMD team to showcase the commercial appeal of Metz Métropole, to meet the big names in retailing and development, take stock of current issues and generate new investment projects.

The European Metropolitan Network (Sillon Lorrain) stand at MAPIC.

The results were resoundingly positive, with over 40 qualified contacts, including 22 meetings on different subjects in relation to the town centre and suburbs (potential new investment, development, meetings with developers and retail names that are already established or interested in the city) - a cause for optimism in terms of possible new retail names coming to Metz Métropole.

WTC Metz-saarbrücken: new headquarters for a japanese company

On 13 November 2015, NISSHIN INDUSTRIAL Ltd, Japanese plastic injection and casting mould design specialists (R&D and manufacturing) headquartered in Tokyo, signed an agreement with WTC Metz-Saarbrücken for local address registration of commercial premises, heralding the first stage of their expansion into Europe.

NISSHIN INDUSTRIAL Ltd was welcomed to Metz last July by Metz Métropole Développement and WTC Metz-Saarbrücken with a delegation of business representatives from Ota City (Greater Tokyo) organised by the Moselle Développement teams.

NISSHIN representatives were convinced that Moselle is an ideal location, in the heart of France and Germany, the two leading Western European markets.  They also witnessed the local dynamism and drive to promote the new European “Valley of Energy, Materials and Processes” internationally - embodied in Moselle and Metz Métropole especially by the technological campus.

The Nisshin team with representatives of Moselle Développement and Metz Métropole Développement

The Nisshin team (represented in the photo by Mr Shigeru Takemoto, Technical Director and Mr Yasutsugu Kodaira, International Operations Director) then went on to the international MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany where they were exhibiting and where they were able to publicise their imminent establishment in Metz.

NISSHIN INDUSTRIAL Ltd is the 7th Japanese company to have chosen Moselle and Metz Métropole via WTC Metz-Saarbrücken, after KINBOSHI, SAKAE CASTING, TAIYO, TORYO, TSUBAME RADIO, OHZEN&SANADA and KIKAI.

Contact :
NISSHIN INDUSTRIAL LTD - World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken 4, rue Marconi - F – 57070 Metz
Tel : + 33 (0)3 87 20 19 45 -

CLUB VIATIS / more AWARDS for grand est customer relations

24 November saw the 8th Grand Est Customer Relations Awards.
This year the awards were held at the Regional Council offices in Strasbourg and were organised jointly by Club VIATIS (the Metz Métropole and Moselle customer relations club), Club Connect (Grand Nancy and Meurthe & Moselle), Club Actis (Alsace), MMD, ADUAN and ADIRA.

Around 250 people (customer relations professionals) attended the presentation of Awards for the best customer services, divided into 3 categories according to the size of the call platforms.

This event heralded the future Greater Region since call centres from Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardennes were all represented.

Direct Écureuil Est, Cometz and Banque Populaire, established in Metz Métropole, were recognised for the excellence of their customer service.
The 9th Award Ceremony will take place next year in Metz.


Organised by the Lorraine Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Club Metz-Technopôle, with the support of partners MMD and the Club des Réseaux (Networks Club), this unique event is held every year, bringing together all Moselle's networks to celebrate their diversity and the important role they play in our region.

The 4th event took place on 5 November at the CESCOM (business centre) in Metz and as part of the occasion a “networks village” was set up – a fantastic opportunity for all the local networks to get together in the same place at the same time. 

MMD was present at the networks village:

an occasion to meet and interact with local stakeholders, to highlight opportunities in Metz Métropole territory and invite people to join the Metz Métropole Ambassadors' Club.


The quiz: the participating teams faced more than 120 questions on the economy, territory and general culture.
The winners this year were Grand Est Numérique represented by Chairman Frédéric SCHNUR and Amandine ZIMMERLE. Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who took part!

1st metz métropole sponsorship evening

On Tuesday 24 November, Metz Métropole held an evening on the subject of sponsorship. The aim of this initial meeting was to present some researchinto sponsorship practices in Metz, based on a sample of 387 companies. The research was conducted by ICN Junior Conseil and funded by Metz Métropole Développement.

Principal results: almost 43.4% of companies have already been involved with sponsorship schemes in the last few years – only 20.9% knew the difference between mécénat and sponsoring – donations were made mainly in the sports, social, cultural and heritage sectors. In 86% of cases, the businesses concerned were large companies, but almost 1/3 of micro-businesses and very small companies had had some involvement too. In terms of donations, 41.7% ranged from €1 to € 1,000.
100% satisfaction for the companies involved in sponsorship!
Financial support is the preferred method of sponsorship, followed by support in kind and skills donation.
Did you know? Sponsorship is not only for big businesses, it is also for very small companies, small and medium-sized businesses, crafts and skilled labour, retailers, etc.
To find out more:
Daniel Baudouïn, Metz Métropole Advisor on sponsorship matters:
Aurélie REDER, Metz Métropole Head of sponsorship: 03 87 20 10 05


5 and 6 September 2015 saw the 3rd "Game Jam", a flagship event in the Greater Region video-game creators' community taking place simultaneously across 3 locations:​ TCRM­-Blida in Metz,​ Technoport in Esch­-sur­-Alzette​ and Werk 1 in Munich.​
This is a 24-hour team video-game creation marathon with 140 people taking part this year, including amateurs, students and sector professionals. Among their number were graphic designers, illustrators, developers, musicians and game designers. The 140 participants in the relaxed event, which included the Metz start-up company, NICE PINGOUINS, whose offices are at TCRM-Blida, were all set the same theme to work on. The result? 31 video games, all available for free on line at

Hot on the heels of the September event is the opportunity for several regional teams who have already registered to participate in a Global Game Jam. This simultaneous international event will take place from 29 to 31 January 2016. Teams from across the world will work on video games based around a single theme to be revealed at the last minute. The NICE PINGOUINS will be there…
Find out more by clicking on the following link:


“OSEZ L'ÉCONOMIE DE DEMAIN” (DARE TO SHAPE THE ECONOMY OF TOMORROW) in the digital, environmental and social sectors”
Event organised by the La Poste Group and the Responsible Innovation Ecosystem, founded in 2009 and comprising around a hundred financial and institutional partners (including MMD). This was a new national in-Region event which took place on Friday 20 November at the Metz Métropole Exhibition and Events Centre.

LORnTECH dynamics and “COP21” labelling
Within the LORnTECH regional dynamics, the shared aim of the partners in this association was to promote developing economies by giving everyone the opportunity understand, anticipate and put themselves in the driver's seat for tomorrow's world. Entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups and students were offered the opportunity to “dare to undertake”, “boost their career”, “accelerate their business” and “open their minds to new ideas for action”.
The national “Dare to Shape the Economy of Tomorrow” event, recipient of the COP 21/Paris Climat 2015 label, alongside Metz Métropole, invited different audiences to rally together to meet the challenges posed by climate change and contribute to the energy transition process.

Alexandre JARDIN during his presentation, alongside Laura TENOUDJI

National speakers
The day was orchestrated by the journalist Laura Tenoudji and featured presentations from national standard-bearers: Alexandre JARDIN, writer and founder of the “Bleus blancs zèbres… citoyens” (Blue White Zebra-Stripe… Citizens), Jean-Marie PELT, Chairman of the European Institute of Ecology, Jean-Paul DELEVOYE, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Jacques BUNGERT, President of the "Metz-Paris" network and Courrèges Co-President, Jean-Marc BORELLO, Chairman of the board of Groupe SOS.

To watch or find out more about the key moments of this 2015 event attended by 1,600 people (video of conference speakers and web TV):

The Metz Métropole Développement stand

In parallel with these forward-looking conferences, a village featuring start-ups, solutions, workshops, stands and exhibitions provided the general public and professionals with the opportunity to meet experts, hear about new market conditions and gain a perspective on the economic dynamics of the Lorraine region in terms of the environmental, social and digital environment.


MMD took a stand to present what is on the current Metz Métropole economic agenda, make contacts and promote the Metz Métropole Ambassadors' Club.
In addition to their stand, the MMD Convention Bureau, with support from La Poste, introduced an inter-club meeting that brought together the Metz Métropole Ambassadors' Club, the "M" association (network linking Metz and Paris), the France-Luxembourg Business Club and Innovation Responsable (Responsible Innovation). An opportunity for club members to get together, chat and make contacts in the context of the Saar-Lor-Lux Region.

From left to right: Laurence SDIKA, Secretary General of the France-Luxembourg Business Club, Jacques BUNGERT, President of the "M" association and Courrèges Co-President and Fabrice GENTER, President of the Metz Métropole Ambassadors' Club.

For further information, contact Caroline Platteau:
To join us:

Metz Métropole technology campus: a look back over 30 years of centraleSupélec

The CentraleSupélec campus was inaugurated in 1985 on the Metz-Technopôle site and is one of 3 campuses to welcome students on the Supélec engineering course.
The Metz CentraleSupélec campus, directed by Konrad SZAFNICKI, and also a Metz Métropole Ambassador, is home to around 280 students and houses 2 research laboratories: LMOPS (materials, optics, photonics, systems) and UMI 2958, a joint collaboration with Georgia Tech (USA) and CNRS (Computer sciences, Machine Learning, Robotics), as well as 2 research platforms: SmartRoom and Cluster InterCell.

Celebrating 30 years
A day of festivities was held on 29 October 2015, with numerous activities on offer: scientific workshops and cultural activities among other events. The day ended with official speeches and a round-table discussion entitled “From the regional to the international”, attended by Patricia MOINARD, head of the Metz Métropole Développement innovation subsidiaries service.

The creation of CentraleSupélec in January 2015 marked the alliance of the École Centrale Paris and Supélec, bringing together the 4 campuses of the 2 schools within a large establishment of excellence. The school has recently been ranked as one of the top 200 in the international QS World University Rankings.


Vivoka is a Metz-based start-up which has come up with a solution allowing interaction/control of all the devices in a room. This solution not only works for domestic appliances, but in all areas where there are connected devices (voice recognition, 3D mapping, etc.).

With the aim of creating 13-15 jobs in Lorraine from January onwards, VIVOKA is offering you the opportunity to join them on their adventure by crowd-funding on a KICKSTARTER platform, on 1 December at 5.30pm at the Walking Ghosts Hall in Blida.
Find out more at: /



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