is the average number of daily visitors to the Centre Pompidou-Metz, since the opening of the "Warhol Underground" exhibition.

Exhibition on until 23 November 2015.

is the number of people who attended "Terres de Jim", three days of festivities promoting agriculture, on Frescaty Plateau.

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Metz Métropole Technology Campus: inauguration of the zwick/roell French headquarters at the Mercy Health Innovation Cluster

On 11 September 2015, Zwick-Roell inaugurated its French headquarters at the Mercy Health Innovation Cluster in Metz. Representatives from local institutions and the Group's management were in attendance, including Zwick/Roell CEO Stefan Roell, who travelled to the event with a large delegation of the company's German employees.

From left to right: Jean Joseph Hilt - Managing Director Zwick France, Aloys Zwick, Stefan Roell - CEO Zwick/Roell, Jean-Luc Bohl - President Metz Métropole, Dominique Gros - President Metz Métropole Développement and Richard Lioger - President SAREMM.

Zwick-Roell AG is a German family-owned group employing over 1,200 employees. It is the No 1 manufacturer of mechanical testing systems and world leader for materials testing in a number of industries (medical, aerospace, metals, automotive and higher education/research). The Metz office is the Group's exclusive base in France for purchasing, sales, imports, resale, installation and repair of all mechanical testing apparatus and systems. 

The Zwick French headquarters team in front of their building at the Mercy Health Innovation Cluster/ © Arnaud Hussenot

The establishment of these premises, in which Metz Métropole Développement (MMD) was involved from an early stage, is particularly important for the development of the Metz Métropole Technology Campus. The project to move Zwick France began back in March 2011. Originally based in Tremblay, in the Ile-de-France region, Zwick Sales Director Gauthier Basin wanted to bring the sales force closer to the company's markets by making Metz the company's base, due to its border location.
To enable Zwick to establish itself quickly in the Metz metropolitan area, MMD provided support to the company for setting up its first base in the area. In September 2011, Zwick rented premises at Metz Technopôle, and remained there until its recent move. MMD also performed the real estate search for Zwick's premises at the Mercy Health Innovation Cluster and organised networking opportunities with local members of the Technology Campus.

Why have Zwick/Roell chosen Metz Métropole as their base?
To understand this choice, you need to look to the Group's history. Zwick pioneered the design and development of materials testing machines for the steelmaking industry for which the heartland, for many years, was North Eastern France. Moreover, the first metals testing was carried out by researchers from Lorraine, paving the way for continuous innovation.

The company's local representatives explained their choice: "The desire to honour the Group's legacy, combined with the need for proximity between the French and German teams (high-speed train, road and air links) and the attentive support provided by Metz Métropole Développement all contributed to the attractiveness of the area for the Group's management."

Zwick/Roell machines in the showroom of the new building at the Mercy Health Innovation Cluster

The inaugural celebrations continued throughout the weekend for the German delegation and French representatives. On the Saturday morning, MMD escorted the group for a guided visit of the "Warhol Underground" exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. Later, the whole team celebrated the company's arrival in the area by attending a rendition of German music and singing by the company band in the city's Place de Chambre, in aid of local charity Rafael Lorraine, which organises special activities for sick children and teenagers.
More information about the association at:
A good way to mark their arrival to the area.
MMD wishes all the team a very warm welcome to Metz.

Moselle Young Farmers association organised the second edition of the "Terre de Jim" agricultural show from 11 to 13 September 2015, on Frescaty Plateau, the former Marly-Frescaty airbase. With over 150 hectares promoting Farming and Farmers, it is the largest outdoor agricultural show in Europe. The event brings together all segments of the farming industry, demonstrating the exceptional wealth of the land and the talents of producers and farmers to the general public.

The programme featured over 100 events and activities:
Attractions included a 10,000 m2 maze of maize, the World Ploughing Finals, a big wheel and a giant ear of corn planted with the main local crops. There was also a full range of livestock of all kinds of breeds (cows, horses, pigs, sheep etc.), activities for all ages including 40 fun and educational workshops on the region's farming industry, many free play areas for children, agricultural machinery with threshers, balers and traditional ploughing, rural sporting activities and a regional produce market "Les Halles de Jim".

As part of Frescaty Plateau's conversion from airbase into development site, Metz Métropole had a 300 m2 stand at the event, presenting the site's three main development projects: the Business Park, the Domaine de Frescaty and the Agrobiopole. MMD was present alongside Metz Métropole, in particular to meet prospective members of the future centre for breeding excellence.

© Metz Métropole - David Hourt

R&D FINANCING: LNG Consulting sets up business in Metz Métropole
LNG Consulting was founded four months ago by Guillaume Schoug, a former consultant specialised in research and development incentives. Despite an international background, Schoug is deeply attached to Lorraine and chose the region as a base for the business, reflecting the personalised and close customer support that the firm provides in its services.

Based in Saint-Julien-Lès-Metz, LNG Consulting provides strategic and R&D financing expertise to innovation leaders in Lorraine and all throughout Eastern France.

The start-up assists enterprises in all sectors of business in applying for research and innovation tax credits (CIR and CII), for accreditation under the research tax credit scheme, for Young Innovative Enterprise (JEI) status and for grants and subsidies for innovation. Thanks to the company's technical and tax expertise, it helps businesses develop strategies that promote innovation and ensures the acceptance of their applications for R&D tax credits.

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France's first store devoted entirely to 3D printing celebrated its first anniversary on 17 September 2015. Concept Store 3D, located at 11 rue de la Fontaine in Metz, provides both professionals and individuals with 3D printing services. It also offers the sale and hire of equipment, workshops where you can learn how to create prototypes and artworks, repairs, design, logos, mock-ups and more.
Contact: / Tel.: +33 (0)3 87 36 28 68


©concept store3D


- Homme et ado, Fashionable clothing for men. Age 8 +, 50 m2, Rue du Grand Cerf.
- Bagi'Bagel, Quick-serve food, approx. 50 m2, Rue de la Fontaine.
- Newbury Jackets & Shoes, High-quality menswear, approx. 30 m2, Rue de la Fontaine.
- Salsa, Specialist jeans store, 100 m2, Rue Serpenoise.


Metz Métropole Ambassadors Club
Membership of the club is free and involves no commitment apart from a moral commitment to promote Metz Métropole.
Ambassadors have the opportunity to refresh their local knowledge through a programme of activities.
For further information, contact Caroline Platteau:
To join us:


Nicolas Bouzou, an economist and essayist, and the founder and Managing Director of Paris-based consulting firm Asterès, has been a Metz Métropole Ambassador since 25 August 2015.

Contributing to numerous media, Nicolas Bouzou is a former economic commentator for Canal +, the founder of the European circle of intellectuals "Cercle de Bélem" and the author of numerous works.

Follow in Nicolas' footsteps and become a Metz Métropole Ambassador!


Early years childcare – crèche spaces for businesses

As part of the development of its early childhood services policy, Metz municipal council is offering businesses the possibility to reserve crèche spaces for their employees.
Guaranteeing access to a space at a crèche is an attractive advantage for businesses seeking to recruit high-performing young individuals; it increases productivity, providing employees with peace of mind concerning the work-and-family-life balance.

For further information, contact: Pôle Petite Enfance,Ville de Metz +33 (0)3 87 55 83 86 -


Businesses which join the city's scheme can reserve spaces in the 24 associative and municipal early childcare centres for a very attractive net cost (businesses receive family tax credits which they can deduct from company tax). 1,155 childcare spaces are available across the city under this scheme.
@Souple/Hop !/ Metz Métropole Développement

"JEVEUXMETZ" SHOWCASED at the CNER annual conference

The three seasons of the "JEVEUXMETZ" communication, which ran from October 2010 to January 2013, continued to attract attention, without any new purchase of advertising space.
Following the interest of several publishing houses, including Hachette, which made use of the visual from Season 1 in one of its 2015 school text books, the federation of French investment and economic development agencies, CNER, asked MMD to introduce the "JEVEUXMETZ" campaign as part of the "Headline Initiatives" section of its annual conference, held in Antibes, on 17 September. The campaign generated 7,185,641 contacts, through mixed-media exposure including metro, railway station and airport billboards, TV, printed and online press, replay etc.)

Emmanuel Brandenburger, General Director MMD, presenting the "Je m'installe à Metz" ("I'm moving to Metz") campaign at the CNER conference.

WTC Meeting – Country export challenge: "Le Maghreb, autrement" (A new approach to North Africa)
2 October, 4 pm – IAE Metz

In association with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI France), Lorraine International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, French Foreign Trade Advisors in Lorraine, Metz University School of Management IAE, the World Trade Center Metz-Saarbrücken Export Challenge Club…invites you to a presentation on business opportunities in North African countries (Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco)
on Friday 2 October at 4 pm at IAE Metz, 1 rue Augustin Fresnel.

For those wishing to go further and establish business relations with these countries, CCI International Lorraine is organising a group mission from 28 November to 5 December 2015 which will also involve businesses from Saarland. The à la carte programme for this mission will also be presented at the meeting on 2 October 2015.

For further information, contact: Patricia Moinard, Director WTC Metz-Sarrbrücken:

CORPORATE absenteeism / Club Viatis Conference, 14 October at CESCOM, Metz

Club Viatis (the Moselle customer relations professionals club), in association with the Lorraine Nord National Association of HR Directors (ANDRH), is holding a conference on corporate absenteeism, on 14 October at 6pm at CESCOM Metz. This conference, which is aimed at company directors and HR managers, will be followed by a round table and a cocktail reception allowing for further discussion.
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OSEZ l'économie de demain ! ("Dare to shape the economy of tomorrow"), 20 November at Metz-expo Evénement
The La Poste Group and partners of the "Responsible Innovation" network, including MMD, invite you to a new edition of the "Osez l'économie de demain" event, on Friday 20 November 2015 from 8.30am at Metz Expo Événement.
The programme includes future-oriented conferences, live Web-TV broadcasts, workshops, an event village with start-ups, innovative businesses and pitches, speed meeting areas and more.


"Dare to join tomorrow's world of digitally, environmentally and socially innovative companies"
More information and registration at:


Metz's amphithéâtre district in construction/ MUSE seen from the sky

The hot-air ballooning festival "Les Mongolfiades", during the Fêtes de la Mirabelle, was also the opportunity to discover Metz Métropole's past and future from above.
The image below shows the construction site of the future Muse Shopping Centre in Metz's Amphithéâtre district. Photo by Dominique Gros.
Designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, the Muse centre, opposite the Centre Pompidou-Metz, is a 37,000 m2 retail space featuring 112 shopping outlets. The project has seen a total investment of 324 million euros with opening planned for the second half of 2017.
Some 7.4 million visitors are expected, with Primark among the leading stores to have confirmed its presence.


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