Inspire Metz
Inspire Metz

Attractive features

The « assets » of the area
Metz, an Art & Tech urban area
3 000 years of history
  « Royal & majestic », the city center of the urban area is a two-thousand year-old city, candidate for World Heritage.

The undeniable wealth of the heritage often rhymes with « Jaumont », the typical honey-colored stone present in most of the buildings of the surrounding cities and towns.  
The city has many monuments, sites and religious, civil and military buildings listed in the Worl Heritage on the 305 kmarea that defines its boundaries.

Amazing and unique sightseeing tours await visitors...
Creative and Cultural
  An « Art & Tech » positioning for an innovative center where arts are omnipresent … Modern and contemporary art with the Pompidou-Metz Center enriched by the Musical City of Metz, the audacious cultural seasons (such as « The Metz Constellations »), the creative companies of the TCRM-Blida third place, and the multiple architectural signatures of Metz (Shigeru Ban, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Portzamparc, Paul Chemetov, Nicolas Michelin and soon Philippe Starck).

Technology and innovation are also at the heart of the economic development thanks to the European Technology Campus (CEA-Tech, IRT M2P, the University of Lorraine, Georgia Tech Lorraine, Arts and Métiers ParisTech, Supelec Centrale, ENIM, ESITC, ICN Business School, etc.), the know-how of big local companies (PSA Group: 6000 employees, ThyssenKrupp, Usines Claas , etc.) and to the LORnTECH ecosystem certified French Tech Metropole...
An audacious art center
  Open since 2010, the Pompidou-Metz Center stands for the first decentralization of a national public cultural building. It is seen as an original experience, a space dedicated to creation in all ways, offering large-scale and unique exhibitions in Metz. The center, main element of the territory attractivity, enabled to generate 115 million euros of local economic benefits from May 2010 to the end of 2016 (not including transport and visitors) …
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