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Nearly half of the Metz Métropole territory is composed of  agricultural lands.

With its 20 towns and less than 1000 inhabitants, the agriculture industry in Metz Métropole is marked by mixed-culture and livestock farming like in the department, and minority productions : market-gardening, tree growing, vine growing (PDO Wines from Moselle), horticulture.

Today, 170 farmers work in Metz Métropole, with skills on the whole sector for a total of 2 000 related jobs.
A revival of economic activities in the agricultural sector is spreading out to meet the needs of the consumers: 
  • Tracking
  • Proximity
  • Quality
  • Development of the territory wealth (Route of the Moselle Wines)
The « Periruban farming » sector stands for, in all its forms, an attractiveness driving force: from the preservation of agricultural lands to the consolidation of agriculture through urban planning documents, the development of the economic potential and new forms of farming activities in connection with the city, all directed to sustainable practices. 
Metz Métropole, by getting involved in the support and the promotion of periurban farming, affirms its desire to protect the value of farmlands, support job creation in specific industries (diversification in market gardening, in horticulture, etc), to create a social cohesion around an increasing need of nature, and give a new place to the farmer, at the heart of urban expectations. 
All is about developing new growing technics (permaculture,  agroforestry, etc), or new breeding technics (such as the animal welfare) and food processing promoted by locally recognized and established operators and locally-based distribution networks in order to: 
  • Reduce the environmental impact of food consumption 
  • Support farming production and consumption methods favorable to public health
  • Provide fertile grounds to the next generations 

FOCUS : a nature and agricultural center – assets

► An agricultural heritage based on mixed-farming‐breeding (170 farmers on the urban area zone, 50% of the area is agricultural (2000 related jobs, 1st river cereal port in France).

► Metz Métropole, signatory of the "Terres en Ville" charter.

► A prevalence of large field crops  (wheat, barley, rape), to better develop locally. 

► Minority productions but a high added value creation asset: market gardening, PDO vineyard, horticulture.

► Headquarters of the European Insitute of Ecology created by Jean‐Marie PELT, the basin of urban ecology. 

► A listed site : "Mont Saint Quentin et ses abords", with a surface area of 700 ha including 680 ha protected at the European level in accordance with Natura 2000 for its calcareous soils (orchids), and its top-tier bats  lairs living with farms, wineries and recreational activities located in the area.


Innovations, know-how, farming products and materials, exchanges with cross-border players, short circuits, conferences and information days... on mixed-farming/breeding  and with many  professional and insitutional partners, AGRIMAX offers on 20 000 m2, a comprehensive overview of agriculture in the Great East region of France.
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