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The customer care field has experienced a significant boom in France and in the Metz Métropole area in the 90's for 10 years.

Several centers, including SAGE, set up in the area. This is why in 2002, Metz Métropole continued the work undertaken by the City of Metz since 1998, by supporting the development of this sector. Thus,  since 2005, the collectivity has structured and financed a club dedicated customer care centers (in collaboration with the Moselle region), the VIATIS club.

The Metz Métropole territory is today composed of around twenty centers employing more than 2000 people working in the banking fields, insurance, telecommunications, consumption goods and equipment, softwares, expert administrative information. 


Customer care has become an essential service of the business policy of any company : today, they are well aware of the fact that an efficient customer relation strategy stands for a determining competitive asset. In addition, jobs in the customer care department, whether it is a face to face relation or a remote one, are changing rapidly. They have become essential in all the fields of the economic activity of our region (tourism, digital, health, materials ...) and address stategic issues.

In this context, the 2 existing clubs in Lorraine (VIATIS in Moselle and CONNECT in Meurthe & Moselle) decided to merge on March 30, 2016 creating L2C, Lorraine Contact Client, bringing together some 80 centers and more than 6000 employees.
Led by Dominique Muller, CEO of Direct Ecureuil Est Metz with its headquarters located in Metz (Cescom), the L2C club is part of a new dynamic with the goal of building a comprehensive training in order to meet the market needs.

This association is an opportunity to strenghten the competitiveness of the companies located in Lorraine and Metz by being involved in the emergence of a customer-relation center of excellence.
The L2C Club is also an attractiveness tool for Metz Metropole and its territory showing to potential clients the dynamism and the ambitions of the customer relation field. L2C is composed of around 40 centers and more than 6000 jobs on the 2 urban areas and the Eastern part of the Moselle region.

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