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The International Action of the agency along with the WTC Metz-Saarbrücken, and based on the international support and attractiveness measures are :
  • Supporting and fostering both the values and assets of Metz Métropole (innovation, land opportunities, living conditions, culture, convention center, sport, education …), adaptation of communication tools in English and German for a wider dissemination (MMD monthly newsletter, for instance)
  • Prospecting and welcoming foreign economic players or foreign-funded companies  with an adapted property offer  (management of a dedicated place), an ideal work environment and successful collaborations.
  • Promoting and supporting prospecting actions    internationally.   
  • Coordinating a cooperation strategy in the Sarre-Lor-Lux-Wallonie Great Region, the Lorraine and Great East Region, the Sillon Lorrain, and QuattroPole to have a real impact at the international stage. 
  • Coordinating a common policy in terms of promotion of the metropolitan area by developing synergies, based on tools such as the Agency, the WTC, the International Great East CCI, the  Metz-Technopôle SEM, the economic development agencies for urban areas, Tourist Offices, the national Business France plan and its certifications (Creative France, French Tech…)…
  • Animating and strenghtening international exchanges and more particularly the Franco-German exchanges organizing events allowing to foster the international culture inside the company, to promote international training courses ( double Franco-German and Franco-American degrees)
  • Creating a brand/signature for the territory, present internationally, and provided by all the partners.
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International Action
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Patricia Moinard
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Touring exhibition of technologies and
innovative products from Japan - June 2016​

International Convention Center - Alger
– WTC Algiers

Convention Center Cner Workshop led by Patricia Moinard,
WTC Manager

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