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Metz Métropole actively contributes to the development of the logisitics field.
Indeed, this demanding sector, relying on its assets and especially on its gegraphic position, opens up a broader realm of possibilities (Scotam, Sillon lorrain, Great Region) outside of the urban area.
Metz Métropole supports the creation of new infrastructures, and the associated activities, and especially those fostering multi-modality (river port in Metz).

FOCUS : A multimodal center - Assets

►  Development of a multimodal platform road-rail-river and connection to the Mediterranean ports.

►  Launch of Multimodal Shuttle TC, container lines between Metz and Antwerp and Rotterdam through Cologne.

► New Port in Metz, 6th river port in France and 1st river cereal port.

► Synergies with projects on the outskirts of Metz Métropole  : ports of Talange and Thionville-Illange.

►  Establishment opportunities for logistics activities in connection with the central area of Ennery in the Espace Nord Lorraine.
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