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16/03/2021 10h25

Researchers from Chaire Photonique in Metz have set a world record

Plutonium visual
Photonics or the science of light
As part of an international collaboration, researchers from Charie Photonique in Metz have participated in the creation of a laser used to secure digital information. 

The researchers from Chaire Photonique in Metz, at the LMOPS laboratory at CentraleSupélec and the University of Lorraine, collaborated with researchers from Yale University, Trinity College, Dublin, Imperial College, London, and the Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore to establish this record.

This international collaboration has developed a laser generating more than 250 trillion random numbers per second, and the results have been published in the international review Science.

This record is more than 1,000 times higher than that achieved in 2014, also established by Chaire Photonique.

More information
A project for a house for photonics in Metz Métropole 
A key site for research in the subject, Chaire Photonique is implanted on the CentralSupélec campus in Metz.  It aims to create a house for photonics open to the public. A first in France.

Visuel Photonique
Plutonium © Metz Métropole

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