Inspire Metz
Inspire Metz
Business areas

Activity Campus of La Maxe

Northern part of Metz Métropole
La Maxe
10 ha
of total area
The area
Located in the Northern part of the urban area,  in La Maxe, this area lines the A31. 
The site mainly hosts tertiary and handicraft companies, as well as a car dealer. 
Businesses and employment
In 2016, there were some thirty companies employing 300 people.
The main companies of the area are: Paul Kroely Automobiles, Loomis, Cofatec

Contracting authority : Metz Métropole
Developer : Inspire Metz Agency – Invest in Metz
The agency Inspire Metz is supported by the Grand Est region

Grand Est

Invest In Metz
Economic development Pole
2 Place d’Armes
CS 80367
57007 Metz Cedex 1
+33 (0)3 87 16 21 45
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